Forget About US$10,000 Apple Watch. Here’s China Version For Just US$40

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Mar 11 2015
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Couldn’t afford the newly launched US$10,000 18-karat solid gold version Apple Watch? How about the cheapest version Apple Watch Sport which starts at US$349? Well, don’t get too hard on yourself and start banging your head against the wall, if you still can’t afford even the cheapest Apple Watch. You can actually get a cheaper – insanely cheaper – Apple Watch immediately, elsewhere.

Apple Watch Clone Fake - Ai Watch and D-Watch

Wait a minute, isn’t Apple Watch only available from April 24 onwards? That’s only true if you’re getting it from Apple Store, but in China (*tongue-in-cheek*), not only Apple Watch is stock ready, they’re amazingly cheaper too. At unbelievable price tags between 250 yuan and 500 yuan (US$40.00 to US$80.00; £26 to £53; RM148 to RM296), you can get “Ai Watch” and “D-Watch“, which has the exact look as the real Apple Watch.


Less than 24-hours after Tim Cook officially launched the Apple Watch, knockoff versions of the Apple Watch can be found at Huaqiangbei electronics market in the southern city of Shenzhen, and others are being sold nationwide via popular e-commerce websites, including AliBaba’s Tmall and JD.com. The speed at which the counterfeiters are able to bring the fakes to the market is simply astonishing.

Apple Watch Clone - China

Of course, these fakes run on Android operating system that has been made to look like an Apple interface. They even have Apple-like icons on the home screen. The hardware is not a big challenge to these copycats, after decades in the imitation business. The most difficult part is still on the software and the application. Otherwise the only giveaway that the Chinese Apple Watch is actually a high-grade fake product is the price tag.


Nevertheless, the Chinese pirates deserve two thumbs up, considering the design was revealed only last September by CEO Tim Cook. Give them enough time and they could actually produce clones of US’ most advanced fighter jet F-35. Facing government investigation over counterfeit goods, Alibaba tries pulling down products advertised as “Apple Watch” or other wannabes, but often replaced with another seller.

Apple Watch Clone - 168 Hours Battery

But not all copycats sell their lookalike products as Apple Watch. For example, DFYou, a Shenzhen manufacturer, has this “smart bracelet,” which you can buy wholesale for about US$48, that looks exactly like Apple Watch but claims to be “more powerful” than Tim Cook’s Apple Watch. Comes in the full range of Apple sports watch colors, this company claims its smartwatch boasts a 168-hour battery life, and works in seven languages.


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