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Stock Connect Between Hong Kong & Shanghai Opens, And It’s Tax-Free

Starting today, anybody can buy China stocks at the debut of an exchange link that allows Hong Kong and Shanghai investors to trade shares on each others’ bourses. Called “Stock Connect”, mainland Chinese can now trade shares in Hong Kong for the first time, while foreign investors in Hong Kong are allowed to buy and […]

... written on Nov 17 2014

Busted!! Russia Latest Stunt On Fake MH17 Images Fails Miserably

Thanks to United States, the global political and potentially military landscape would change. U.S. outsourcing (to China) business model has made China an economic powerhouse, which could outgrow U.S. itself, given a couple more years. And thanks to lame duck President Barack Obama, who has yet to grow his spine, Russia under Vladimir Putin’s rule […]

... written on Nov 15 2014

Alibaba New Discovery – Women With Bigger Boobs Spend More

November 11 is China Singles’ Day or simply Bachelors’ Day. This day is, of course, different from Bachelor Night where a party is held for a man shortly before he enters marriage. Since it’s supposed to celebrate his “last night of freedom”, normally the man would do “naughty stuffs” together with his male friends (*grin*), […]

... written on Nov 14 2014

Badminton Scandal – Was Lee Chong Wei His Own Worst Enemy?

If there’s one thing that can unite Malaysians regardless of race and religion, it has to be sport. Badminton is the only sport that put Malaysia on the world map. In fact, you can’t think of anything else that would make Malaysians proud other than badminton. Certainly not corruption index, university ranking, MH370 or MH17, […]

... written on Nov 13 2014

Foreign Exchange Scandal – 5 Big Banks Fined A Paltry US$3.3 billion

Five giant banks and US$3.3 billion – that’s how many players and the amount of penalty the global regulators are slapping them. In a latest financial scandal – British, American and Swiss regulators have found HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland (R.B.S.), JPMorgan Chase,  Citigroup and UBS guilty of manipulating the foreign currency markets. At stake […]

... written on Nov 12 2014

Here’s Your Money – Badass Nasi Lemak Prince Pays S$19,000 In Fishy Coins

It all began in 2010 when 34-year-old Mr Lester Ong Boon Lin wanted to trade in the blue Aston Martin V8 Vantage that he had bought for S$550,000 for a new Bentley GT which costs about S$770,000. Mr Ong was supposed to top up the difference. In an agreement between Mr Ong and Exotic Motors, […]

... written on Nov 11 2014

Google Takes Over NASA’s Space Field – Plans To Build Terminators?

Forget about Google’s search engine or driverless car projects. The company might have bigger secretive projects that could leapfrog mankind from the World Wide Web to the next quantum leap – space exploration and robotics. If “Terminator” robots take over the world soon, blame it on Google. Of course, after watching how Skynet became self-aware […]

... written on Nov 11 2014

Mystery Solved!! – Why Certain People Say & Do The Stupidest Things

Can you still remember being called “idiot or stupid” by your teacher(s) or friend(s) during school days? Worse still, your biological parents labelled you stupid simply because you weren’t among the top students in your class. Of course, most of us accepted the fate as it was, and blamed it on gene or DNA, which […]

... written on Nov 10 2014

Victory For Women In Saudi Arabia – They Can Now Drive But …

Good news – women are now allowed to drive (*tongue-in-cheek*). Of course we’re talking about the only country in the world that previously does not allow them to do so – Saudi Arabia. In a surprise move, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has recommended the country’s government lift the long-standing ban on women drivers, but the […]

... written on Nov 08 2014

Revealed – Why Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Wears The Same Shirt Every Day

On a trip to Japan in the early 1980s, Steve Jobs asked Sony’s chairman Akio Morita why everyone in the company’s factories wore uniforms. He told Jobs that after the war, no one had any clothes, and companies like Sony had to give their workers something to wear each day. Over the years, the uniforms […]

... written on Nov 07 2014

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