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C.Y. Leung’s Corrupt Scandal – Allegedly Took HKD$50 Million Secretly

There were two huge mistakes C.Y. Leung did in suppressing Hong Kong protesters recently. First, the Hong Kong CEO unleashed a brutal crackdown using pepper spray and tear gas, something rarely used on peaceful protesters. Second, he used triad gangs to launch sexual assault, harassment and intimidation on the remaining stubborn but persevered protesters. While […]

... written on Oct 09 2014

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid – Google Can Read Your Emails, And Remind You To Pay Bills

Remember Apple’s latest promise to protect your personal data stored in iPhone or iPad to prevent any other third parties except the owner (that’s you, dude) from accessing them, as long as the devices are running iOS 8? Well, Apple fanatics rejoiced when the company announced that the new privacy policy (finally) means the police, […]

... written on Oct 08 2014

Exposed – The Hidden Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Tehran

After the recent exposure and publicity about rich kids’ life, deliberately published on Instagram to show off their wealth, the trends have been gaining momentum. If the “Rich Kids of Instagram”, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” or “Rich Kids of New York” didn’t raise your eyebrows, how about exploring into the “untouchable and unimaginable” territories […]

... written on Oct 08 2014

Secrets Revealed – TIPS To Get A Free First Class Flight Upgrade

Everyone likes to get more with less, including flying in style with luxury. But how many of us can actually afford to pay thousands or tens of thousands to be, or at least to be seen as the elite travelling on business class? There’re many great stories about average Joes and Janes who got upgraded […]

... written on Oct 07 2014

China – Ain’t Sick Man Of Asia, Too Wealthy For Anyone To Lecture Them

Hilton Worldwide Holdings has just sold the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York for a whopping US$1.95 billion (£1.2 billion; RM6.3 billion) to China-based Anbang Insurance Group. That’s a new record in the American hotel industry, if not for the world. Prior to the sale, the most expensive single-hotel deal was the sale of “The […]

... written on Oct 07 2014

You’re Fired – HK Chow Tai Fook’s Deputy PR Head, Joanna Kot, Axed

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd is both Hong Kong and world’s biggest listed jewelry chain, with a market capitalization of a whopping US$15.78 billion (as of May 2014). The jewellery retailer is owned by Cheng Yu Tung, Hong Kong’s fifth richest person with a net worth of US$15.5 billion. The empire has 36,100 employees, […]

... written on Oct 06 2014

Terrorism Crackdown – Be Prepared For Flights Delay At Melbourne & Sydney Airports

The next time you plan to fly in or out of Australia, it’s advisable to arrive at the country’s airports earlier than you usually would. This is especially true at Melbourne and Sydney airports. Reason – Tony Abbott administration has agreed on Friday in joining US-led military coalition bombing mission targeting ISIS in Iraq. Australia’s […]

... written on Oct 06 2014

Here’s How Hong Kong Chief, CY Leung, Uses Gangster & Police To Break Protesters

In what appears to be another copycat stunt, Hong Kong government under chief minister CY Leung has shown what he was capable of, when his power and wealth are threaten. Just like Malaysian government’s SOP, as can be seen in the past rallies where UMNO provocateurs were unleashed to instigate fights, it seems CY Leung […]

... written on Oct 05 2014

The Bravest & Luckiest Toll Offender – $342,000 Unpaid Fines Slashed By 95%

She is perhaps the bravest traffic offender on planet Earth. Between July 2009 and December 2013, she had been travelling on EastLink and CityLink without paying a penny. Meet 27-year-old Isabelle Mares Weir, an Australian driver who had accumulated a jaw dropping 1,196 infringement warrants for total fines of $342,050 (£212,000; RM1.1 million). Her warrants, […]

... written on Oct 03 2014

You’re Fired – Clueless Secret Service Director Takes A Bullet For President Obama

United States Secret Service Director, Julia Pierson, was grilled during a hearing by the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. Next, she was shown the door. Interestingly, Obama administration told the world they had full confidence in her less than one and a half year ago, when Barack Obama appointed the first woman to head the […]

... written on Oct 02 2014

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