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Here’s How Russian-Made Buk Missile Systems Shot Down Flight MH17, In 9.86 Seconds

There’re only two countries who know exactly what happened to Malaysian Flight MH17, which was shot down, killing all 298 people including 3 infants and 15 crew onboard. They’re United States and Russia obviously. But whether they want to tell the world the real story or otherwise is another matter. In spite of a commercial […]

... written on Jul 19 2014

Flight MH17 Shot Down – Malaysian Leaderships Put To Test, Again (Photo)

Just when everyone thought the missing Malaysian flight MH370 in Mar-2014 was the worst air disaster in the country, little did we expect another bigger and worse disaster was waiting to explode in slightly 4-months away. Today, it is confirmed that Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down which killed all 298 people including 15 crew […]

... written on Jul 18 2014

10 Lousy Lies Bosses Tell, That You Should Know

Every June or December, you would see tons of job advertisements. If there aren’t chances are the economy is not doing well hence the recession is around the corner. Employees would be extra cautious during such challenging time. Companies choose either middle or end of the year as their financial year-end. This is also the […]

... written on Jul 18 2014

There’s A New Kid On The Block – Singapore’s First Marine Park

There’s only so much you can do in Singapore – shop, eat and gamble. But now there’s a new place to venture – Marine Park – claimed to be the first of its kind in the country, set up by the National Parks Board (NParks). And it’s not located within the concreate city of Singapore, […]

... written on Jul 17 2014

This Woman Gives A Bad Name To A Beautiful Religion … And Peugeot

Malaysian drivers are infamous for being rude on the road. Years ago, news about road bullies were reported almost on daily basis. It was so bad that drivers were (secretly) advised to carry some sort of weapon to defend themselves, just in case those road bullies come charging with Rambo knives or Samurai swords. It […]

... written on Jul 16 2014

Apple & IBM Announced Exclusive Partnership. Here’s Tim Cook’s Memo To Employees

Apple has just announced an exclusive partnership with IBM  that will see the companies collaborate to bring over 100 enterprise apps and cloud services to the iPhone and iPad – something that Steve Jobs will never do in his life. The Apple products will be branded “IBM MobileFirst for iOS Solutions” and IBM will also sell iPhones and […]

... written on Jul 16 2014

Britain – Promotes Women. Malaysian – Ridicules Women, Reason – Menstruation

Last night, Britain’s prime minister David Cameron surprised many by launching a massive brutal reshuffle since becoming Tory leader. More than a dozen old yet experienced ministers, including veteran Kenneth Clarke, Welsh Secretary David Jones , Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, Attorney General Dominic Grieve and leader of the Commons Andrew Lansley were either axed or forced […]

... written on Jul 15 2014

The Return Of The King, Germany Wins World Cup – 4th Times (Photos)

The new World Cup champion is here – Germany. After 24-years, at last the Germans have every reason to celebrate for weeks to come. Too bad Argentina’s Lionel Messi couldn’t score any goal and help his team win, as that would make him the new hero on par with Diego Maradona, who helped his country […]

... written on Jul 14 2014

CIMB-RHB-MBSB Mega Merger – The Danger Of Creating A Too-Big-To-Fail Biggest Bank

RHB was incorporated in 1983 by Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Hussain. That was more than 30 years ago. Many of our readers were not even born yet. Of course, the founder was not a “Tan Sri” yet, and the company was not known as RHB as in Rashid Hussain Berhad. Many didn’t know that the […]

... written on Jul 13 2014

Qatar Reveals Stunning 2022 World Cup Stadium Design, But Will They Get To Host It?

Qatar‘s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy have released images of the latest stadium designed for the 2022 World Cup, if they ever get to host it in the first place. The calls for a rerun for the competition to host the 2022 World Cup are getting louder ever since the damning revelation that Qatar bribed FIFA officials […]

... written on Jul 11 2014

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