Japan Nuclear Crisis Stabilizes, Libya In Focus (Photos)

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Mar 22 2011
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Billionaire investor Warren Buffett was absolutely right when he said Japan’s devastating earthquake is the kind of extraordinary event that creates a buying opportunity for shares in Japanese companies. It’s no brainer that the earthquake and the nuclear catastrophe was a temporary setback unless of course the whole Japan island was totally wipe out.

Furthermore, Japan was the third-largest economy with deep pocket so the last thing you wish to worry about Japan was whether the country has money to rebuild whatever that was destroyed by the tsunami. Being a so-called long-term investor, of course Warren Buffett can be forgiven for skipping the chance to make some pocket money, short-term profit during the panic selling. Short-term trading was not the cup of tea for Buffett but definitely FinanceTwitter would not let go of such opportunity hence the small amount of profit with Put Options.

Japan nuclear crisis seems to have stabilized. Seawater is being pumped into reactor No. 1 and No. 2 while concreate is being poured into the nuclear fuel rod pool at reactor No. 4. Work is underway and the Japan government says power may turned on to reactor No. 1 through No. 4. The crisis has not ended but at least it’s not getting any worse, at least for now. The latest hot happenings is definitely the authorization by U.N. Security Council that voted on Mar 17 in establishing a no-fly zone over Libya.

As of Sunday night, the United States and British military had fired a total of 124 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Libya’s air defense sites under Operation Odyssey Dawn. The coalition’s other partners include Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Qatar and Spain. In a latest air strikes, Colonel Gaddafi’s palace was targeted prompting speculation that the allies were trying to kill the dictator.

While Gaddafi whereabout is unknown, his forces have resorted to desperate attempt to stop or at least delay further bombing (targetted at Gaddafi) by bringing civilians to Misrata to use as human shield. President Obama is trying very hard to play down his administration’s main role in the operation and his officials said they plan to hand over operational control of the military mission. Thus, while air strikes were the easy part, the difficult part would be on the next mission to enforce and command the no-fly zone.


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libya is attacked coz doesn’t follow 100% what the western wants. what happens to the arab saudi and bahrain dictators?why the western doesn’t help the Palestinian? double standard in the name of justice.

Iran better watch out – they are next.
the NWo juggernaut rolls on. Libya has plenty of oil to be divided up. the NWO fears no one.

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