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Fishing for the bottom – 140 Years of Bull & Bear Hints

It’s nice to see Dow Jones was strong enough to bounce to two-digit loss from the initial three-digit loss intraday although it closed at below 8,000-level. Everyone is waiting for the earnings result from aluminium producer Alcoa Inc. scheduled Tuesday which will set the direction as what to expect from the U.S. economy for this […]

... written on Apr 07 2009

BN to Win all Three By-Elections? Not Impossible

Chances are high that whoever win the coming by-elections in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau the majority will be razor-thin. Forget about Batang Ai because the BN will take that back home for obvious reason – instant noodle Maggie mees are sufficient to do the trick. On the pessimistic note, PR (Pakatan Rakyat) could lose […]

... written on Apr 06 2009

PM Najib’s Cronies and their Related Companies

Everyone knows whenever there’s a change to the premiership not only political landscape changes but also the stock-market landscape. When Mahathir called it a day in 2003 almost immediately his cronies listed companies were affected. The same goes to Badawi although his departure doesn’t have the same impact due to his short-term in office. And […]

... written on Apr 03 2009

Congratulations PM Najib Razak and Tun Abdullah Badawi

The blogosphere was deadly silence as the critics of Najib Razak still hoped the King would reject the 55-year-old who is the eldest son of Malaysia’s second Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein. Now, the hope is over as the politician who was accused of being linked to the murder of Mongolian lady has officially sworn […]

... written on Apr 03 2009

“One Malaysia” – April Fool’s Slogan to Fool You Again?

By comparison the incoming Prime Minister Najib Razak is luckier than outgoing PM Abdullah Badawi. It could be a blessing in disguise that former PM Mahathir selected the not-so-bright Abdullah Badawi as his successor in 2003. It could be a disastrous to have Najib took over instead of Badawi then because the public will make […]

... written on Apr 02 2009

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