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Jun 02 2008
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Blogging has entered a new horizon when politicians including former premier Mahathir could not resist the temptation to start his own blog. Mahathir blog registered 1 million hits within a month, an achievement most of bloggers would dream of. Since the recent 12th general election, mysteriously bloggers were recognized as the new force that could turn the table on the government. In fact blogging is a marathon and only time will tell if a blog could survive over a period of time. The cheapest way is definitely to use the free blogging platform such as blogspot or wordpress although the best practice is to have your own domain.

To cut cost you can have your own domain (which you paid less than 10 bucks per year) but leverage on free hosting under blogspot platform. But still you’re at the mercy of Google and should the internet giant decided that it doesn’t like you, it could just shut you off leaving all your articles with them unless you’ve a backup copy. So the best way is still to have your own domain plus hosting it elsewhere which would lead to another headache – which hosting company? I found out that no matter how much research you do, there’re tons of complaints about that particular company.

Web Hosting Bluebook which has bought a review from FinanceTwitter is a site that provides guidance to people who are serious about hosting their blogs or websites on hosting companies out there. The site list the top 10 best host as reviewed by customers and webmasters. Although I was surprised that DreamHost was not in the list, I noticed that HostMonster occupied the top spot (score of 9.8) – coincidence with some of the comments googled from the internet. Somehow I was considering hosting my blog with BlueHost but with this new discovery I guess I’ll do more research.

It’s a never-ending process and what is good for someone might not be the best solution for others. However I can see that while GoDaddy is the preferred place to go to purchase domain name, it’s definitely not a wise move to host your blog or websites with them.

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I agree, it’s hard to find the ‘perfect’ hosting company because you can find many complaints out there.

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