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It’s above $135, House to sue OPEC over high oil prices

Another day another 200 points plunge as jaw-dropping investors watched the oil prices hit the roof of $135 ($135.04 in after-hours electronic trading) a barrel for the first time Wednesday thanks largely to the report from the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration which said crude inventories fell by more than 5 million barrels last week. […]

... written on May 22 2008

Soros, Buffett and Trichet said It Ain’t Over Yet

Oil prices going for $130 a barrel – FinanceTwitter screamed back in early Mar 2008, slightly more than two months ago when the black gold was traded at $102 a barrel. While there’re only a handful of readers who thought it was possible, many readers wrote personally to say it was nonsense to think for […]

... written on May 21 2008

Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook’s Threesome vs Google

Have you ever had a threesome before? The saying goes that you should never have a threesome with someone that you wish to keep. If you think Microsoft Corp would leave Yahoo Inc. alone and let Google Inc. continues to dominate the lucrative online advertising, think again. It appears Microsoft might launch a threesome act […]

... written on May 20 2008

Mahathir quits UMNO, so what? It’s Lingam-Gate diversion

Almost all the local news media be it government-controlled electronic or print media and bloggers screamed “Mahathir quits UMNO”. Should this former prime minister and dictator’s decision be given such a coverage? Perhaps his decision to quit was the hottest news so far hence the front-page privilege. Seriously I would only be surprise if he […]

... written on May 19 2008

The Reflection of your Values, do you do Charity?

This weekend will be quite a happy one for most of the employees because Monday is a holiday – Wesak Day. There’s a saying which roughly translates to “On Monday staffs work like a worm but on Friday the staffs work like a dragon” – meaning your staffs are most unproductive on Monday and vice-versa […]

... written on May 17 2008

StemLife and TMC Life – Vincent Tan to strike a deal?

Two stocks seemed to be courting each other. Before that these two stocks seemed to emulate kids’ story – Rabbit and Turtle. There’s a small twist though. While the arrogant rabbit decided to take a nap the turtle slowly crawled past the rabbit to the finish line. The rabbit tried to catch up but it […]

... written on May 16 2008

Apple ceased production of 8GB & 16GB, 3G coming soon

This can only happens during sales time at hypermarket such as Carrefour or Giant -limiting customers’ purchases. It appeared Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) has ceased the production of the popular 8GB and 16GB iPhone models ahead of the earlier speculated new version that supports 3G networks. Therefore customers are allowed to purchase only one […]

... written on May 15 2008

Does Anwar has all the missing pieces to create history?

Ever since the arrogant National Front lost its precious two-third majority in the Parliament, life was never the same again. Life is now full of entertainment. If you’re one of the Formula-1 fans, you should understand what I’m talking about. It was so freaking boring when even a schoolboy could predict with utmost accuracy that […]

... written on May 14 2008

HP to pay $13 billion for EDS?

Carly Fiorina, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard, served at HP from 1999 and 2005. She could easily be the most hated boss during the period; at least within Malaysia territory. HP Malaysia was never the same again with most of its top brains “migrated” to the competitors such as Sun Microsystem […]

... written on May 13 2008

Do you really need to buy YAHOO stock now?

Since Microsoft walked away from Yahoo, either deliberately or otherwise, many investors were arguing whether they should buy the stock in anticipation of another round of acquisition talk – by the same acquirer Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT, stock). The argument was pretty simple and easy – the bald-headed Balmer was playing hide and seek with […]

... written on May 12 2008

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