Can you spot how lousy this Photoshop work was?

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Apr 19 2008
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Four years ago Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi issued a “blank check” with promises of a paradise. People took the bait and gave him more than 90 percent passing mark. Four years later people found out they had voted a sleepy head instead and so swung 360 degrees, so much so that even a junior candidate such as Loh Gwo-Burne won easily for the Kelana Jaya parliamentary seat. Loh probably is still giggling until today since the 8th Mar 2008 general election of his unexpected windfall. He was tagging with his businessman father, Mr Loh Mui Fah, for legal advice from Lingam but the junior got bored, started playing with his phone and recorded the conversation involving Lingam brokering judicial appointments.

With such degree of people’s rejection Abdullah should thank God for still being able to become the Prime Minister although he single-handedly brought the National Front to its’ worst defeat in the history. Short of apology to the wrongly sacked former judges in the 1988 Judicial Crisis, the PM chose to use money in the form of ex-gratia payment compensation instead. He was also pressured to setup a Judicial Commission specifically to appoint judges.

Abdul Karim thumb up on pig farmMany believe Abdullah’s day is over and it’s a matter of how he could exit not seen as being booted out. The man who screamed he was in “control” is obviously couldn’t control any of his own people. It’s the final countdown and the final assault was being launched using the controlled print and electronic media to the fullest. The pig-farming issue was exploited to the max despite the fact that the former Chief Minister Khir Toyo was the one who approve the project and the man who mooted the demonstration was the same man who gave the thumb up during his Europe study tour on modern pig-farming.

But of all the desperate efforts by the controlled-media to twist the facts to sabotage opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Pact) and to create or fabricate goodies for PM Abdullah Badawi, nothing beats what Utusan did during the recent Malaysian Bar Council dinner. It was a lousy Photoshop work!!! Can you spot it (from source)?

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