Apple iPod Nano a TimeBomb, check your gadget

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Mar 12 2008
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You’ve heard about how cell-phone and laptop batteries explode like C4 and used by terrorist as weapon for their suicide mission *just kidding*. But it did explode in a smaller scale though. And just when everyone thought Apple’s products have the highest quality, something disturbing has been reported in Japan. If you own Apple Inc.’s iPod Nano, chances are you might be carrying a time-bomb. Go and check if the lithium-ion battery’s model number is MA099J/A, will you?

It appears Japan is investigating a possible defect in Apple Inc.’s iPod Nano after a report in iPod Nano TimeBombKanagawa Prefecture, Japan, that the gadget shot out sparks while recharging. Apple Inc. Japan refuse to comment though or to ascertain which part of the world the battery was manufactured (not China). There’s an estimated 425,000 iPods of the suspected model shipped into Japan alone and some 22.1 million iPods were sold during the holiday quarter ending December 31st 2007.

This is bad not only to consumers but to the Apple Inc.’s stock. Since it’ll take some time for confirmation and investigation, this might be a good opportunity to probably scalp and make some pocket money out of it. Not sure yet but please pay attention to Apple Inc. stock’s movement today.

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