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Oil Crisis – Palm Oil and Crude Oil at record high

Malaysian crude palm oil futures broke past the key RM3,000 resistance level to strike a new high today, after crude jumped to a record peak and soyoil soared to a near 33-year high. Prices also gained as financial players covered their short positions ahead of an Indonesian industry conference tomorrow, when influential analyst Dorab Mistry […]

... written on Nov 07 2007

Move aside iPhone here come the Android

The way Google move along its roadmap (I assumed they have one) is simply fantastic. The company is one of the rare species that do not give earnings guidance and this could be the reason for its success. Probably Google itself couldn’t measure how far the company will jump in every coming quarter and the […]

... written on Nov 06 2007

My biggest Profit in Option Trading – 486 Percent

Question: Name me a stock that defies the gravity and appears to have everlasting rocket fuel blasting into the space. Answer: Google Inc. of course. Not only the stock doesn’t give the stock market a damn even though the Dow was in red for sometime now, it also continues to attract analysts. In the latest […]

... written on Nov 05 2007

One Trillion Dollars company from PetroChina

The global financial market has a new champ – PetroChina, which became the world’s largest company by market capitalization worth nearly one trillion dollars – double the value of ExxonMobil. PetroChina’s stock prices were trading at 48.62 yuan from IPO price of 16.7 yuan today, Monday 5th Nov 2007, an increase of over 190 percent. […]

... written on Nov 05 2007

Which Brokerage and How to open a trading account?

Some of you asked how on earth a non-U.S. citizen can open an account with the intention to invest U.S. stocks or to trade its options. The facilities to do so were there for years and the process was simple. It just that after the tragic Sept-11 incident the U.S. government has put on multiple […]

... written on Nov 04 2007

Malaysia Govn desperate for early Election this year?

The wind of general election is blowing. And it’s blowing real fast and strong, so much so that I overheard not once, twice but thrice conversations about it from the next table when I was having a glass of “Teh Tarik kurang manis” (pulled tea minus condensed milk) with my buddies within this week alone. […]

... written on Nov 03 2007

Now Malaysian can trade Google stocks literally

Wow! For investors who are keen to trade the U.S. stocks or options but not sure how to do it, fret not. There’s good news for you thanks to the aggressive issuer OSK Investment Bank. OSK Investment Bank has been fighting heads on with CIMB in the call warrants market lately. Both are willing to […]

... written on Nov 02 2007

Investors depending too much on Feds to Breastfeed

Japan’s benchmark stock index, Nikkei 225, plunged more than 300 points and Hong Kong blue chip Hang Seng Index was down 710.62 points in early trading. Malaysian KLCI dropped below its crucial and glory level of 1,400 marks by 15 points to the 1,394 level. Blame it on Wall Street which pulled the Dow Jones […]

... written on Nov 02 2007

Judiciary Rot – Let’s do what each Individual should Do

Guess it’s true what a MP (member of parliament) said today. The MP, Zaid Ibrahim, who is a member of the ruling party, UMNO, is perhaps the only one from the government who dare to go against the odds on the ridiculous happenings to the nation’s judiciary. He can choose to sit and watch quietly […]

... written on Nov 01 2007

From stocks to holiday cheer, enjoy it

Halloween is over but there’re still Thanksgiving and Santa Clause to greet you before the curtain is pull down for the year. This period is also the happiest for the kids as they’re looking forward to the long holidays, gifts and whatever their wish-lists drafted. Traditionally stocks investors, speculators, analysts and fund managers will be […]

... written on Nov 01 2007

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