Limit Order Triggered Scalp position on PCLN

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Nov 14 2007
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This is not the first time but just get prepare for it because I’m going to curse myself again. Yeah, everyone did it because the stock market has the tendency to make a fool out of you when you least expect it. So please don’t try this at home because it’s not something healthy to do. Now here we go – If only I knew PCLN would goes up by a whopping $8.00 a share Tuesday, I would limit my selling price at higher level.

Sounds familiar huh? Well, get used to it as every traders will never be able to control their fear and greed. When you realized that you’ve sold at a lower price you scream. When you realized that you’ve bought at a higher price you scream again. Yes, I realized that I’ve sold my position in Priceline.com Incorporated (Nasdaq: PCLN, stock) which I scalped Tuesday a little bit too low. My only complaint was that I paid too much attention to Google Inc. simply because the trading pattern didn’t look good. I was afraid Google’s instability might pull down the Nasdaq Composite and the rest of its members.
Also partly because Priceline was tricking my eyes into believing $105 level was a strong resistance. So I set the limit price and walked away. Now I realized my position was triggered and closed but the same PCLN Dec 105 Call Option was last traded above $10.00. How can I not scream for making less profit that I should *there I go again*. Enough of the ranting, profit is still a profit and I should behave *smack myself*. The consolation prize was that I still have small position (
here) when I believed Dow and Nasdaq was ready for technical rebound. Unfortunately my dear Tiffany didn’t make it, for now.

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