Scalped small profit from Akamai during boring time

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Oct 26 2007
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Yesterday, Thursday, was rather a boring trading day as both my Google Inc. and Apple Inc. were not performing as expected. If you were monitoring both stocks yesterday, you will know what I mean. Anyway, you can always scout for some of the stocks and scalp some profit out of it. Really, there’re many way to skin a cat, not that I like to devour exotic meats in real person.

Akamai Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM, stock) used to be my pet stock but since it disappointed me last year, I’ve totally put it in cold-storage. Obviously when you’re investing stocks especially trading option, you should be flexible to dump stocks that deviate too far away and fails to deliver according to your trading methodology. There’s nothing wrong in doing so.
I opened the position, AKAM Jan 2008 35 Call Option yesterday since I’ve all the time in the world as the trading pattern of both Google and Apple permitted me to take my eyes off them. Earlier on, Akamai announced it’s earning on Wed, 24th Oct after market and beat the earning estimate. And so the stock gapped-up. Based on the price-volume I thought of scalping Akamai but the overall market sentiment was on yo-yo – my target price didn’t trigger.

It only triggered this morning and the automatic mechanism made a small amount of money for me. You can’t be greedy with such trading strategy (scalping) as your intention is not to make huge but small profit and “Run”.

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