Can’t trade stocks or options without calculator

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Oct 31 2007
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When is the happiest time in an investor’s (or punter) life? When his / her stocks or options in the profitable territory of course. If you invest in equity markets such as Malaysia or Singapore stock markets, you can only celebrate when the stocks go up. On the other hand if you trade the more mature, transparent and fairer markets such as U.S. where the market makers competition actually offset the unfairness on small investors, you can cheer whenever the stocks skyrocket or plunge down from the 50-storey building (depending whether you long or short the stocks).

If you noticed, the next thing you’ll normally do when your trades are in the green is to whip out your best calculator and start punching some numerical keys to see what the profit is. Sound familiar huh? Yes, your trading platform might be able to tell you your precise profit but when you’re not in the rush to sell, then calculator is your best friend. I can never survive without a calculator, not that the Windows-XP doesn’t have the built-in calculator. Yeah, call me primitive or whatever.

But there’s another reason why I still depend on calculator. The fact that the types of stock options I trade every now and then are highly volatile and I’ve my objective to compete against myself in terms of percentage gain, I often use the calculator to determine if my target has been achieved. And talk about percentage gain, did you notice how Google tried very hard the whole day but fails to breach the $700 level?

According to Wize, the best calculator somehow produced from the country named Japan and the reason behind that is very obvious. Do you have a calculator close to you during your trading hours? What’s your best calculator you’ve ever used?

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