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No fees but shareholders fuming Ling Chicken Out

As expected the Transmile Group Berhad’s (KLSE: TRANMIL, stock-code 7000) shareholders’ meeting (AGM) yesterday, Wednesday 5th Sept, was conducted in a relatively calm and smooth environment as compared to the recent MIC’s Maika’s meeting. At least you don’t see bleeding shareholders coming out from the meeting room. However it would be strange if the shareholders […]

... written on Sep 06 2007

Apple Slashes iPhone Price – Steve wants quantity

Boy – was I lucky or what? I’m referring to my decision yesterday to lock-in profit on Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) trade. I’ve put in my thought why I close the position on AAPL Oct 130 Call in my entry at “Taking Money off the Table before Apple Special Event”. And so Apple plunged […]

... written on Sep 06 2007

Taking Money off the Table before Apple Special Event

If you’re still holding your Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) shares or option contracts as of writing time (1:30 pm E.T), I hope the market will be kind with you for the subsequent hours. As I’ve blogged about 4 hours ago, I had prepared myself to take money off the table today, no matter what […]

... written on Sep 05 2007

Ready to take profit on Apple’s Special Event today

Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) was trading up 6 points yesterday ahead of today’s “Special Event” at 1:00 pm E.T. The company however has not given any indication of the subject of the event, so in turn there has been a lot of speculation over the last few weeks regarding what will be announced, as […]

... written on Sep 05 2007

Learn from Mistakes – better days ahead for Transmile

On the personal note, since the news that Ling Liong Sik had resigned as the President of MCA (a component party of the ruling government) as well as Transport Minister in 2003 after a political battle with his former deputy Lim Ah Lek which split the party into Camp-A and Camp-B, he has not been […]

... written on Sep 05 2007

Pre-Budget 2008 – What’s your wish? Take a Vote

One of the greatest moments everyone is waiting each year will be the Budget announcement. The Budget 2008 will be presented by Malaysia premier Badawi this Friday, 7th Sept 2007. The corporate as well as individual will be waiting anxiously to know what the goodies are that Badawi will bring to the table. With the […]

... written on Sep 04 2007

Ling Liong Sik Resigned (or Fired?) from Transmile

I guess it must be too painful for the Chairman of Transmile Group Berhad (KLSE: TRANMIL, stock-code 7000) to accept the fact that he indeed screwed-up big time with the recent accounting irregularities, so much so that the richest man in Malaysia Robert Kuok has no other choice but to tell him to resign. You […]

... written on Sep 03 2007

PLENITUDE – the Turtle of Property Stocks

There’re basically two sectors which will flourish when a country’s economy is picking up – banking and property. On the same note should the recession hits, these two same sectors will suffer on equal quantum. FinanceTwitter had written some articles on property stocks and amongst others, the favorite would be Mah Sing Group Berhad (KLSE: […]

... written on Sep 03 2007

Poor’s Hope in MAIKA – the Last Robbery

Maika Holdings Berhad, which was established a quarter of century ago in 1982 to allow the Indian community in Malaysia to take a share in the country’s economic development, has been a disaster from the beginning. The company was launched with much hope and hype by MIC (one of the component parties within the ruling […]

... written on Sep 02 2007

Great Gift – Stock in a Frame for your love one

Remember those days when you will get to bring back certificates of shares that you bought from the stock exchange? Before computerization, stock investors will be given certificates which stated the number of shares of a particular listed company you bought as proof of your ownership. However due to the frequent certificates theft, the certificates […]

... written on Sep 01 2007

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