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Sep 28 2007
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Competition is always the best way not only for companies to offer better service but also to provide the most cost-effective solution for consumers. A classic example will be how everyone can fly with AirAsia, without which consumers will still be paying top dollars to fly. And to continue with his vision to provide better offer along the line Tony Fernandes recently launched the TuneMoney.

The playing ground has changed considering you can purchase home insurance from RM60.00 per year, personal accident insurance from RM45.50 per year or even motorcyclist personal accident insurance from RM10.90 per year. But there’re still ways to further improve the existing offering. For example CIS Cooperative Insurance actually encourages you to purchase home insurance online, and if you do that you’re given 10% discount. This might only applicable to U.K. but CIS actually defines their home insurance coverage within the scope of not only the building itself but also the contents, personal possessions and caravan.

Also, I didn’t know that you can actually get NCD (No Claim Discount) of up to 40% on both buildings and contents coverage. Nevertheless with the wide spread of blogging popularity, I couldn’t find a blog within the website. It would be nice to hear what other people said about the offerings from CIS. But then so are TuneMoney and most of the businesses in Malaysia.

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Thanks a lot for the very informative post. Keep up the great work.

Thanks a lot for the very informative post. Keep up the great work.

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