Funniest Malaysian Story – Who’s the Fool?

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Jul 18 2007
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I really have to stop blogging about investing stocks for a while as I found this story to be amazing yet funny. I would give my thumbs-up to the thief and thumbs-down to the Malaysian police, not that I endorse what the thief did but what lesson could be learnt from the police force.

It was just yesterday and barely nine hours ago when the same smartly dressed man coolly walked into a showroom at Auto-City (Naza Premier Auto Bhd) in Juru and asked for the key of the RM963,000 Porsche 911 Targa 4 before sped off crashing it through the showroom’s glass pane. Somehow the man forgotten to fill up the gas and had to abandon the car some 2 km away.

I bet most of the police force and public was laughing at how idiot the thief was. Before you conclude that, you better think twice of who is the “real fool”. Guess what, the same man pulled it off for the second attempt – this time right under the noses of the police. The thief stole back the Porsche 911 Targa 4 from the compound of the police headquarters. He managed to do so because he had the keys and this time he was ready with a container of petrol (okay, please stop laughing).
Just like the first attempt, the thief abandoned the car about 15 km away, most probably because the road-block was setup after the police realized the missing car. While the police has ordered an investigation to ascertain how the suspect gained entry into the district police headquarters compound, the incident definitely has left Malaysia police generally and Penang police specifically stumped and red-faced.

Ever wonder why car-theft cases have been going up in this country? Maybe the government needs to recruit thiefs to do a random “audit” on the alertness of police force.

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