Post Valentine – Stocks Which Triggers BUY Signal

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Feb 15 2007
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Malaysia Stock Exchange records another impressive 10-year high-volume today, Feb-15-2007 after yesterday’s Valentine celebration. The continuous bull in U.S. stock market and the comment by Ben Bernanke definitely has helps the situation. Somehow I noticed penny stocks better known as second and third liners began to show some promising movement since Feb-14-2007. Though it’s too early to tell, I believe most of us will keep our fingers crossed wishing the happy moment will arrive ultimately.
There’re a couple of stocks which triggered MACD and FinanceTwitter “Buy” signal today. Below are some of the stocks:
[ 1 ] YTL Land & Development Berhad (KLSE: YTLLAND, stock-code 2577). The ratio of bulls against bear is 1,452 Bulls : zero Bears. Stochastic seems to be crossing anytime at current value of 57.57 while the risk appears at the Relative Strength which has reached the 75 level. Volume increased more than four times compare to the day before, Valentine day.
[ 2 ] United Malayan Land Berhad (KLSE: UMLAND, stock-code 4561). There are 41 Bulls : zero Bears ratio for this stock. Stochastic and Relative Strength are at 79 level. It has breached the price level never seen since Nov-6-2003 when it reached the peak of RM 1.70. Today closing price of RM 1.59 is not far from the RM 1.70 which I’ll take as the resistance. The volume however is not convincing enough.
[ 3 ] Evergreen Fibreboard Berhad (KLSE: EVERGRN, stock-code 5101). Stochastic has crossed two days ago and currently at 76 level. Relative Strength is at 67 while the bulls and bears are at ratio of 1,064 Bulls : zero bears. Today’s closing at RM 1.32 is the highest ever. If the volume momentum can be maintained, this stock will have good potential of making money for investors.
[ 4 ] Petronas Dagangan Berhad (KLSE: PETDAG, stock-code 5681). This stock which has been on uptrend since middle of June-2006 register 2,768 Bulls : zero Bears. Stochastic at 87 and Relative Strength at 76 are the two risks in investing this stocks but in a bullish trend, who say you can’t make money? A couple more days of sustainable volume should point to a better decision-making for investors.
[ 5 ] Impressive Edge Group Berhad (KLSE: IMPRESS, stock-code 0061). Stochastic is about to cross with strong Relative Strength. At 810 Bulls : zero Bears, this stock seems to have breached its’ all time high of RM0.345. Volume has yet to confirm a continuous run-up.
[ 6 ] Dialog Group Berhad (KLSE: DIALOG, stock-code 7277). One of the stock which sustain uptrend run since early of Nov-2006 with stock price double since then. Triggered today with 6,687 Bulls : zero Bears ratio. Volume has been good and sustainable since Nov-2006. Stochastic has just crossed and with the strong sustainable Relative Strength, I think this stock has some more space to squeeze.

# TIP: Please do your own research on the fundamentals of the stocks before investing to determine if you want to invest on long-term basis or hit-and-run.

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