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Hewlett-Packard Secrets You Should Know

Do you know what the main Hewlett-Packard Company’s (NYSE: HPQ, stock) business is? Or rather where does HP derives its’ revenue from? Most of us might think its’ personal computer, some say servers but the actual revenue contribution to HP is printers. Printers generate the bulk of its’ billion of dollars of profit. For such […]

... written on Feb 15 2007

A Sweet Valentine Gift From Bernanke

On Feb-14-2007, Ben Bernanke gave one of the best Valentine gift to everyone. He predicted that unemployment was likely to remain low over the next two years even as inflation declined slightly, giving Congress an upbeat view of the economy.With this comment, he suggested he is comfortable with current interest rate level, which is what […]

... written on Feb 15 2007

Will GUESS Defy Gravity And Continue 45 Degrees Uptrend?

Guess?, Inc. (NYSE: GES, stock) has confirmed to announce its’ earning today, Wednesday, Feb-14-2007, after market close. Guess? designs, markets, distributes and licenses a lifestyle collection of casual apparel and accessories for men, women and children. Its apparel is marketed under trademarks, including GUESS, GUESS?, GUESS U.S.A., GUESS Jeans, GUESS? and Triangle Design, Question Mark […]

... written on Feb 14 2007

Citigroup Sell Red Umbrella Back To Travelers

Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C, stock) is selling its red umbrella logo to the St. Paul Travelers Companies (NYSE: STA, stock), an insurance company. Citigroup would tie its businesses together under the Citi brand, with a simple stylized arc over its name. Starting next quarter, its various businesses will begin using different colored logos, all with […]

... written on Feb 14 2007

Lottery Question – Is UMNO A Political Or Business Entity?

Don’t you disturbed when you read that a government is venturing into business instead of focusing in politic – the area which they were elected by the voters to perform? That’s the headline from Business Times when it carry the report that Umno Set To Surface In PECD. According to the report, the major component […]

... written on Feb 14 2007

Locked Option Trading Profit – Inspired By Superman-Li

Inspired by how “Superman Li Ka-shing Has Done It Again“, I decided to take money off the table by locking-in my profits since I have quite a number of opened positions which are profitable. I know I’m not Li – he’s a property tycoon while I merely investing in stocks and trading option to make […]

... written on Feb 14 2007

NVIDIA Should Beat Earning But Concern On Inventory

NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA, stock) will announce its’ earning today, Feb-13-2007 after the market close. NVIDIA designs, develops and markets graphics processing units (GPUs), media and communications processors (MCPs), wireless media processors (WMPs) and related software. The Company’s products are integral to a wide variety of visual computing platforms, including enterprise personal computers (PCs), consumer […]

... written on Feb 13 2007

ASTRO Measat-3 Facing Problem Migrating Channels

Measat-3 satellite was launched back in Dec-2006 with lots of “ooh” and “wah” from 50 Malaysians gathered at the Proton Club – some 8 kilometers from the launch pad of Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. The Malaysian group was led by Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis. Measat 3, which replaces Measat 1, has a […]

... written on Feb 13 2007

Superman Li Ka-shing Has Done It Again

Superman Li has done it again. Billionaire Li Ka-shing has just pocketed a huge profit from the sale of a controlling stake in Indian mobile carrier Hutchison Essar Limited to Vodafone Group Ltd (NYSE: VOD) for US$ 11 billion (his investment was said to be only US$2 billion). 78-year-old Li has the magic mind of […]

... written on Feb 13 2007

Option Trading – Will Priceline.com Gain Market Share?

Priceline.com Incorporated (Nasdaq: PCLN, stock) is set to announce its’ earning today, Feb-12-2007 after the market close. Priceline.com Incorporated (priceline.com) is an online travel company that offers its customers a range of travel services, including the opportunity to purchase airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, vacation packages and cruises. The Company’s Name Your Own Price […]

... written on Feb 12 2007

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