My Internet Link Is Down But I'll Still Try To Trade

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Feb 02 2007
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You must have realized by now that my blog FinanceTwitter has not been updated since two days ago. Reason being the fixed-phone line which is the gateway for my internet connection is out of order. Numerous reports have been made to customer service – it seems my area is affected by so-called cabling problem (the support engineers do not have any concrete ideas of the source of the problem themselves). The problem still persists till today as of my current writing – the customer service is not answering the call despite my never-ending dial-in via mobile.

The last entry before this very post was actually posted under Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX, stock) wireless internet connection. And I’m currently blogging from cyber-cafes / internet-cafes (I can’t take any more coffee latte) – I can’t live without the internet.

However I managed to enter some trades before I was off-line two days ago. Trading U.S. options online provide you the flexibility of opening a position before market open if you choose the option of “Good Until Cancelled” under your broker’s trading platform – meaning your trade(s) order will stays till your limit order is met or you cancel it manually.

I didn’t post any research on my previous trades due to obvious reason stated above. Anyway below were my positions which were triggered:

  • Eagle Materials, Inc.(NYSE: EXP, stock) – Apr 45 Call
  • SBUX Corp. (Nasdaq: SBUX, stock) – Apr 32.5 Call

Obviously, my bet on both didn’t produce the result I desire – but with the fundamental in place, I hope both will behave for the coming days.

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