Just How Much Are YouTube Founders Getting From Google?

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Feb 08 2007
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When Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) acquired YouTube for $ 1.65 billion recently, everyone look at the two founders with envy. Who won’t consider the company was less than two years old during the take-over announcement? But do you know there’re actually three founders who destined to create the video-portal which attracted Larry Page and Sergey Brin?
Nobody knew just how much each of the founders of YouTube will get from the acquisition until Google delivered the filing with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) recently. The windfalls went to the following:
  • Founder and YouTube’s chief executive Chad Hurley – 694,087 shares of Google and an additional 41,232 in a trust. Based on Google closing stock price yesterday, Feb-7-2007, of $470.01 per share, Chad Hurley is richer by $ 345.6 million.
  • Founder Steven Chen – 625,366 Google shares and an additional 68,721 in a trust, valued at $ 326.2 million.
  • Third founder (who most of us is not aware of) Jawed Karim who left the company early on to pursue a graduate degree in computer science – 137,443 shares worth $ 64.4 million
  • Sequoia Capital XI, the Sequoia fund that invested close to $11.5 million in YouTube from November 2005 to April 2006 – 941,027 shares worth $442.3 million
  • Other funds either affiliated or managed by Artis Capital Management and Stuart L. Peterson – received 176,621 Google shares valued at $ 83 million.
  • Several early employees who remain loyal with YouTube until now – received several thousands of Google shares.

So, you do not necessarily need to join a MNC (multi-national company) with billions of dollars of revenue with world-wide offices and tens or hundreds of thousands of employees in order to get the windfalls of fortune. If you joined the right start-up company which provide solutions in a niche, demanding yet innovative market (not every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing) and managed to secure millions of subscribers or participants, your future of becoming an instant millionaire as an employee is possible. But to maximize what you’ll be getting, it’s best the company is relatively small in order not to dilute the stock-sharing or allocation. This type of opportunity however does not knock on your door too often.

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