NFLX – Locked-In Profit After 1 Day Option Trading

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Jan 25 2007
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Noticed how Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX, stock) stock behaves today after the earning announcement of which it beats the estimated earning? It gapped-up alright, but couldn’t sustain the first 45 minutes onslaught by sellers and took a dive into the blue ocean. I closed my position to lock-in my profit, of course, not to let my emotion takes charge this time. At this hour, it seems to have established a good support at $22.80 (once at 10:45am and another at 11:30am) – almost the same stock price of yesterday closing (before the earning announcement). Well, the money is good with only 1 day trading, at least I’m happy.

The whole bearish day could be due to Dow Jones and Nasdaq trading in the red-territory. I’m not sure yet but I might re-enter this stock again at a later stage during the day depending on the trend.

In the meantime, did you noticed how strong F5 Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: FFIV, stock) made a U-turn from a loss of almost 3 points from yesterday closing to positive territory now. That’s what I called a good fundamental stock – just because it gave a lower guidance, investors should not panic and dump it.

QUALCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM, stock) is still stubbornly refuse to run – it’s crawling instead but I have confidence with this stock.

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