FinanceTwitter Wishing All Readers A Happy 2007 New Year

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Dec 29 2006
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It’s those time of the year again, the time when everyone is looking forward to another new year hoping for the better (than the previous year – I mean this year, 2006). It’s human nature to hope, pray and hope again that everything will start afresh with – a healthier life, better fortune, greater wealth, a promotion, best bonus ever, a new job with fantastic package and cool boss, more romantic relationship with your love one and a joyful new year.

Everyone was and still is in holiday mood from pre-Christmas, post-Christmas and pre-NewYear busy planning for their trips or shopping schedules. It’s just a period of happy moments where you suddenly forgot all the sad and frustrating things happened during the soon-to-be-end 2006. You want to forget the time when your idiot boss went berserk and raised his/her voice on you for no apparent reason. You want to forget the time when your boy-friend or girl-friend declared cold-war with you. You want to forget the period when the Murphy-Law strike and somehow whatever you did doesn’t seem to solve the problem(s). You want to forget the time when your colleagues back-stab you till you almost transformed into the Incredible Hulk. You want to forget the people who got promoted not through of his/her capabilities but because these jokers play dirty-politics – the best part is now you’ve to report to him/her. You want to forget the time when your financial problems kept following your shadow. You want to forget the time when the stock immediately made the u-turn right after you long or short the position – you swear you heard the stock was laughing at you.

So, here you are – enjoying yourself to the fullest for the remaining days left before you step into the new year with new resolutions (which you continuously made ever since). Whatever your plan is for the rest of the holidays remaining, enjoy it to the fullest. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your fantastic support to FinanceTwitter despite my 3 months-old blog in the blogging communities and to wish all the readers a very Happy 2007 New Year.

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