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Oct 30 2006
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I came across an article about 8 great crossovers which highlighted the latest fancy cars … or rather part-car, part-SUV … amongst the 8 brands, my favorite are toyota rav4, honda crv, mazda cx-9 & gmc arcadia (the other 4 being mercury mariner, ford edge, jeep patriot & saturn vue – not my type) …

the MSRP Price Range for the new 2007 toyota rav4 : $20,850 – $26,420, honda crv : $20,600 – $28,000, mazda cx-9 : $29,035 – $33,875 … but that’s price in united states … i would think it’ll costs a leg and an arm in malaysia due to the high tax brackets … still confuse on the AFTA rules pertaining to these quality cars …

it’s rather pathetic to think that a graduate would have to spend most of his/her savings investing on the basic necessity which is a house / condo and a car in malaysia – after which nothing much will be left … without investing in other monetary instruments such as stocks equity etc one would not have enough money for their dream cars, would they ?

Toyota Rav4
The original crossover, the Toyota Rav4, was redesigned for the 2006 model year. It’s actually substantially longer than the previous version. The new version loses the plastic cladding on its lower half.

It also offers an optional third row of seating. They’re not the most comfortable seats, but they make the Rav4 an option for a broader range of buyers.

“If you need to have a couple extra seats once in a great while you’re not stuck buying a minivan or an SUV,” said Mark McCready, director of pricing for Carsdirect.com.

Honda CR-V
The redesigned Honda CR-V, just hitting the market now, has a sleeker more hi-tech look than the outgoing version. This time, it’s also more distinct from the Honda Civic, sharing only a small percentage of the car’s engineering, according to Honda.

Luxury has also been increased, Honda says, with the addition of an optional navigation system and leather interior.

Mazda CX-9
Despite its strong resemblance to the Mazda CX-7, Mazda takes pains to point out that the CX-9 was actually designed separately by people who were unaware of one-another’s work and just happened to come up with nearly identical answers.

The CX-9 is substantially larger than the the CX-7 and it has a third-row seat. It also offers a six-cylinder engine instead of the CX-7 turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

GMC Acadia
The Acadia is a larger CUV that will seat up to eight people. It shares its basic engineering with the new Saturn Outlook and the upcoming Buick Enclave. General Motors promises a smooth ride, responsive handling and 24 miles per gallon of gas on the highway with all-wheel-drive versions. It will be powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine connected to a six-speed transmission.

The Acadia will be the first car-based vehicle from GM’s work-truck brand.

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